Teach a man to fish…

20/20 has me thinking…what’s really wrong with paying or incentivizing you kids for good grades? We pay them an allowance for chores. When they become adults, they will receive money in exchange for working. So would we really be teaching them a bad lesson?

Maybe I’m still too new at this but rewards for good grades doesn’t seem so crazy. My prospective could change of course, but I feel like teaching my son that hard work pays off in some form is a good lesson.

I wonder if I would have done better in school with specific incentives for good grades, etc? I feel like I would. My father was actually pretty good about giving goals to work toward. It was never anything major or ongoing, but if I saved a certain amount of money he might offset the cost of a stereo for example. It always worked too. If I wanted a disc man I had to save $50 of my own allowance money and he would match the other $50 to get me to the $100 I needed to purchase. I leaned the value of saving, hard work, and rewards all at the same time.

I can’t wait to instill a good work ethic in my little one(s). Where would any of us be without such important lessons?


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