Off-Topic: Thoughts on Health Care

As many of your know, the Supreme Court today upheld the part of the Obama Administrations health care law that requires people to have health care coverage or face a tax. After reading the Yahoo! article regarding the ruling, and the subsequent comments, my only question is, how is this a problem? We are required to have car insurance in order to drive our cars. In many cases, in order to be approved for a mortgage, we are required to have home-owners insurance. How is this any different? If you choose not to have car insurance (and yes, you still have a choice) you face the litany of penalties that go along with that. You can be ticketed, have your license suspended, and if you are in an accident, you can face fines and jail time.  With all of the complaints recently about the sick, obese, and uninsured driving up the cost of health care for the rest of us – well, I’m sick and obese so I guess I mean the rest of you- why wouldn’t we want to make sure everyone is taken care of? As the article states, only 6% of the population would be affected by this legislation, because the rest of us are covered in some way. How is making so that insurance companies cannot deny anyone (including children) with pre-existing conditions bad? How is making it so that employers must offer their employees health coverage a bad thing? I know I’m damn near a socialist (which is the most evil word in the American vernacular these days) but even for those who aren’t, why are we so against affordable access to healthcare?

The Daily Battle

It’s a tough time right now. I’m almost three months post-baby and I feel fatter than ever. Not because I necessarily weight more than before I was pregnant; I don’t. But I do weigh more than while I was pregnant. I’m  a strange one, I know. I worked so hard to be healthy for baby G. Something I wish I had done before I got pregnant. Now it’s something I want to continue. But I can’t seem to find the same motivation, the same drive. Oh, and don’t forget that I somehow have to find the time. I want to go to the gym but I work full time, so by the time I get off work, all I want to do is get home and be with my family.

My doctor tried to motivate me. She wants me to try to exercise three times per week for an hour. I feel like this is a doable goal. It has to be for the sake of my health. I need to make changes that will help me drop these lbs. and keep them off. In addition to actually getting my body moving, I have to start eating better. My diet was so boring and strict while I was pregnant that I’ve just been living it up these days knowing that “technically” I can have what I want. I have to reign it in though. All things in moderation.

There is a lot riding on my determination, including my possibility for future children. Could there be a greater motivation?!

Nights Like These…

It’s nights like these that make me remember why I wanted to to become a mother. We discovered the baby G loves the bath tub! It has been a long road from the first bath that was all crying and screaming to tonight that was all kicking, splashing and smiles. It makes me want to take him swimming so badly this summer! I am hoping tonight will be the beginning of a wonderful bedtime routine 🙂

Off-Topic: The Cat’s Meow

My poor cats. They are seriously neglected right now. I know it comes with the territory of having a newborn baby but I feel bad for them. They wake up to the sound of a screaming baby and try to sleep through it. I see Hazel look at him with such disdain sometimes but all I can do is feel bad for her. She feels cheated and pushed aside. They want to sleep in our room at night and I used to not feel bad about keeping them out because we were with them so much during the day.Now because our days and night are consumed by the baby, I feel worse. I know if we let them in they would just play and bother us while we sleep; we’ve tried this numerous times in the past. But the guilt is getting to me. They tolerate the baby but I wonder if that tolerance will run out? They smell him and accept his noisy existence but are they plotting against him, waiting for us to leave him unattended so they can strike? I really hope that as Gabriel gets older they all embrace each other. Really, I need them to. I miss my cats and I’m sure they miss the simpler time when they were the center of our attention.