Four Months of Perfection

When Will and I first got married, I used to picture what our children would look like. To be honest, I mostly pictured us having a daughter, but once I got pregnant and found out I was having a boy, all I could do was try and imagine what he might look like. I used to joke that we would have ourselves a chubby little baby, with big brown eyes, and big lips. I must say that I wasn’t far off. Our son has the most amazing eyes that I could stare into all day. I never knew that brown eyes could be so gorgeous. Being its the most common eye color, and having them myself, I never really thought much of them, but this kid knows how to make them shine.

I’m so proud to be his mama. I know it’s only been four months but every day I fall more in love with him and with being a mom. It truly makes you appreciate the small things in life, like making silly faces just to see him smile.

As a first-time mom, you worry about every milestone but I think I have learned to cherish the moments we have right now. It won’t be long before he is rolling off of things, crawling into trouble, and chasing after the cats. He will not be my little boy forever. So while I want him to grow and learn everyday, I really do appreciate how this time will pass in the blink of an eye.


Ladies Unite!

Boy, do I wish! I find that the more I take a dip in this motherhood pool, the more I encounter confrontation. Why are we as women so defensive of our choices? Or a better question is, why are we so¬†judgmental¬†of other women’s choices? And better yet, judgmental of things that other women don’t get a choice of.

My favorite is the vaginal birth brigade. I get it. That is the way nature intended you to bring your child into the world. But fertility treatments, adoption, and surrogates are all widely accepted. Why do c-sections have to be the epitome of “unnatural” procedures? Then there are those of us who didn’t get a choice at all. Even if I had, why is that so evil? How does it affect your life exactly? Continue reading