Changes for the Better

My husband and I were talking yesterday and I was telling him how my outlook on tasks, goals, and projects has changed since becoming a mother. What I realized is that because of the permanence of becoming a parent, and more specifically going through pregnancy, I see now how important it is to follow through. Continue reading

Off Topic – Religion and Race

As I sit here watching a documentary on Black Mormons, I wonder to myself two things:

1) Why would God create all people in his image but not make them equal?

2) Why would you want to be apart of a group/organization/society that doesn’t want or accept you?

The Mormon Church (Church of Latter Day Saints) tried to justify their racism in not allowing black men to serve in the priesthood because there was no divine intervention to tell them so. Those of African descent were considered lesser and unworthy of the priesthood, but according to church leaders, that was God’s way. How does that make sense? If God wanted people of different races to be lesser, he would have just made them that way, like animals. So, if you believe that skin color is his way of making “others” less important, you are sorely misguided. Don’t use your religion to shield your bigotry.

On the other side, why would you want to consort with people who view you as less important? What kind of comfort and love can you feel being apart of a church that teaches that you are evil because of your skin color?

Just a few things to ponder…