Hey Jealousy

We’ve all felt it. Many of us still experience it on a regular basis.


Whether it is someone else’s looks, intelligence, status in life, or accomplishments, we are all guilty of a little bit of envy. It doesn’t always mean that we aren’t grateful for what we have either. Would we have the same drive an determination in the world to “achieve” if it we didn’t have something to compare it to? It’s not always bad to want. It can give you the motivation to change your place in life. For example, say you hate your job (say what?! never!), when you have people around you that love their job, that never work a day in their life because they do what they love, does that motivate you to make a change?! Don’t you start to wonder what it would feel like to wake up and want to go into work? Or better yet, to not stay up so late because you are dreading what the next work day will bring.

If you are able to use the envy to push you, to motivate you to say, “that’s what I want in my life,” use it for good!  Don’t just look at something and think, darn I wish I had that. Think, I’m going to go out and get that for myself.

I want a career, not just a job. Granted I don’t know many of these people that are in love with their career choices, for those that are, I think I want that for myself. So I’ve started my classes for one career path and am currently working and trying to make changes in another. I want to work hard at both and see where I end up at the end of my hard work. In addition to all of this, I push myself to be a better wife and mother everyday. No one is perfect but we can all do better in some aspect of our personal relationships. I will continue trying to grow and watching and learning from other wives and mommies who may have figured out a better way to do x, y, or z that I hadn’t thought of.  Everything in life should be a learning experience. Even competition 🙂 But don’t forget to be thankful!

What/who do you envy?

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