I will be the first to admit that Halloween is not my favorite holiday. In fact, my contrarian style is matched only by my husband who shares the same lukewarm feelings for old Hallow’s eve. I know that our future is full of costumes, trick-or-treating, parties, and treats but I enjoyed my mellow Halloween this year and will enjoy the next few years of not having to do too much because little man just won’t care yet. We kept it simple this year but still managed to capture the moment.


My little pumpkin!

My favorite thing about Halloween? The start of the holiday season, which to me means lots of time off to relax and see friends and family. I’m excited to share the next few months with my new little family. ❤

Lucky Number 17

Wedding Date: October 17, 2010

Wedding Rings – 10/17/2010

Gabriel’s birthday: March 17, 2012

My boys 3/17/2012

I guess the number 17 is becoming a pretty special one for the Graening family.  It didn’t dawn on me until someone asked me how old my son was. I immediately said six months and realized that he is quickly approaching seven months. When I thought about how long it would be until he was seven months, my mind seemed to blank. How did I forget the 17th was his monthly birthday? I realized that in my mind, the 17th of October was my wedding anniversary, not Gabriel’s seventh month. Then I thought how cute it is that they fall on the same day. I had been thinking lately that seven months is pretty bland. No major doctor’s appointments or milestones like six months and not much going on until nine months.  Continue reading