Late Bloomers

I’ve come to the realization that my son and I are late bloomers. Obviously, we are at very different stages in our lives but both of us insist on doing things in our own time.

My little man is 9 months as of yesterday and happy as a clam. He is now rolling over, tolerating tummy time better, and positioning himself for crawling. These developments have been a long-time coming. Rolling over is a milestone that can be seen as early as 3 months but usually starts happening around 6 months. He had not interest, and most importantly, I don’t think he had the strength. Being our first-born, my husband and I do tend to spoil him. Instead of pushing him and forcing him to do things on our own, when we see him struggling or upset, we rush to fix it.

As he approached 9 months with no inclination toward being mobile, I started to make some changes. I practiced rolling with him, made him put weight on his arms, and pushed him during tummy time. His quick progress to rolling over, moving all over his crib, and rocking forward almost to a crawling position shows me that we can’t be afraid to push sometimes. It will only be to his benefit.

The fact that he still hates tummy time for the most part and is still content to wait for us to give him things rather than trying to get them himself shows me that he is just figuring things out in his own time. We can only do so much. I will continue to challenge him, and have seen first-hand his problem solving skills at work when I do.

As for myself, choosing a career path in life has been my biggest challenge. There are so many things I am interested in and, honestly, that I could be great at if I put 110% into it. But how to choose? I still don’t have the full answer, but I’m on my way. I just finished my first semester of school in a very long time with straight As and a 4.0 GPA. In addition to the two classes I was taking, I was also working full-time, being a wife, and a mother. I also took on an internship toward the end of the semester, just to gain a little career-specific experience. Oh and I managed to write an article for a new magazine my friend is launching. I dealt with my son’s teething, milestones, sleep issues all while juggling everything else. Needless to say, I’m proud of myself for what I have accomplished in the past few months.

Classes start back on January 7th. I will enjoy these next few weeks I have off and mentally prepare myself for the months and years ahead, as I try to finish my educational goals. I’m not completely sure what they are yet, but I am taking it one step (one class) at a time. I wish I had accomplished these goals earlier in life, so that I could give myself a break and just focus on my work and domestic duties. But I think parenthood gave me the maturity I need in order to fulfill my goals, whatever they may be. I have also promised myself, from day one, that my first priority is my family, and school will never interfere with that. I put my son to bed every night, complete with bath and story time. I spend as much time with him on the weekends and do my school work only when he is sleeping. It’s tough and requires focus and discipline that I never thought I had, but it’s working.

My boy and I are both capable of great things but always in our own time.


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