Simply Having a Wonderful Christmas Time

My favorite Christmas song by far is Wonder Christmas  Time by Paul McCartney and Wings. And that songs sums up the way it felt to watch my son open his very first Christmas gifts on his very first Christmas. My husband and I were all smiles. He was so excited and so overwhelmed by the gifts. I think he loved the wrapping as much as the actual toys. Here’s a sneak peek of the excitement of Christmas morning:

Photo Dec 25, 11 50 27 AM


As any parent know, there is nothing quite like the joy of watching your child be showered with love by friends and family. I would like to thank them all for thinking of him and making his day. We didn’t do much this year, but it makes me wonder how we would even find room for all the goodies if we had been able to go all out.

This Christmas was bitter-sweet for my husband and I for sure. Financially, we were strained, so we decided to just focus on our little guy and family for gifts. It was worth it. There is truly more joy in giving. We had a wonderful Christmas Eve at my father’s house with gifts for all. Christmas day started off rough with a restless baby and sick husband. We were able to persevere and share smiles and laughter with our little boy that day.

For my husband and I, the biggest gift has been a break from work and school for me, and school for my husband. It has been so nice to be able to spend all day with my son. For sure it has been the little things over this holiday that has made it so special. Just a few more days to rest up and get ready for a busy new year!

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