That’s Not an Answer!

I received my first grade from my Intro. to Mass Comm class this term, which is a 99 out of 100. Great score, I know. But since there was no feedback included, I decided to email the instructor to see what I had done to lose that one point. We have rubrics for each aspect of the class and I wanted her to tell me what I was missing. Fair right?

Well the email I get says that I got the highest grade in the class and to keep up the good work….


That’s not an answer to my question. What did you take the one point off for?? Was it arbitrarily removed so that you didn’t have to give me a perfect grade? Or did I actually miss providing some information in one of my posts that would cause me to lose that point? If I did, tell me!! Is that too much to ask?! I don’t think so.

I’m tempted to reply and restate my question again. Based on the interaction I’ve had with her so far, I’m convinced that she is a robot that is just there to sent blanket responses and no real information.

Ugh, why must I be a perfectionist?!

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