Why Does 2013 Hate Me?!

Well now, 2013, you’ve done a good job throwing everything but the kitchen sink at me, now haven’t you? I seem to remember that it was not but a few blog posts ago that I was so hopeful that you, 2013 would be a great year for me. Yet here we are, about one month in and I’ve had just about enough. But let’s start with the good.

Something, maybe it was a mother’s intuition told me that daycare was just the ticket for my little man. The socialization would be great but more importantly, it might motivate him to start moving. At almost 10 months, he was just content to sit there and look cute. But alas, he will have to be more than just a pretty face one day (will he??) so I wanted to see if being around other kids, especially older ones, would help me get in gear.

Little did I know that daycare would become more than a part-time experiment in our lives. Exactly 15 days into this year, my husband fell in and was admitted into the hospital. After what seemed like forever–but really it was just a day–he was diagnosed with pacreatitis caused by gallstones. He would need to have surgery to remove his gallbladder but not until he had to fast for nine days in order to clear the infection in his pancreas. This meant my son needing full time daycare and me needing to summon all of my mama-courage to make hold down the fort, work full-time, care for my son, visit and be there for my husband, and somehow find time for school. It has been a long two weeks but he is out of the hospital after a 14-day stay and we are now trying to adjust to his lifting restrictions for the next six weeks. Which means, mama is still on duty for pretty much anything baby related for the next month and a half, and pretty much everything around the house until he is feeling well again. What a tailspin to be thrown into but we all made it through; my son with more mobile and silly than usual.

On top of all of that, money has been less than available to me these days. Now that we are transitioning to bi-weekly pay at work, I feel like I have to do a song and dance to make sure bills are going to be covered for the first few months of this year. Thank whatever is holy for tax season and having a new dependent. I’d also like to thank my school financial aid for the credit balance.

So 2013, my friends and family have been there to support me, I have used my resourcefulness to stay afloat financially, and I have many wonderful things to look forward to this year: Gabriel’s first birthday, turning 30 (is that a GOOD thing?!), a vacation of some sort at a yet-to-be-determined location, and three years of marriage if we are so blessed and work hard enough. Keep it coming but I remember a few things; it can always get worse, and each trial and tribulation is a learning experience I will carry with me for the rest of my life.


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