Personal Challenge

Productivity is at the utmost of importance right now because I have so much on my plate. Especially at work. I have taken on additional duties and my time seems to be stretched so thin. This blog post, sadly, is me wasting time not doing dishes, cleaning the littler boxes, doing reading for my current set of classes, or getting an early jump on the next term that starts on Monday. But I feel I need to issue myself this challenge in a public forum. I need an official record of my promise to myself. In that way, it can become a promise to you too, the reader.  Continue reading

No End in Sight

I’m starting to worry that there is no end in sight for my husband and his illness. It’s been over a month and he has been out of the hospital for three whole days. He is now in a long-term care facility/hospital and it seems that hope is fading fast.

I know he wants to get better. But rehabilitation seems like such a long, arduous process. I’m no help to him. I can’t be there day in and day out. I have to work, take care of our son, be a student, stay focused on our life out here, etc. But how do I balance the two needs. I know that he needs me to be strong, but I also know that he needs me to be there for him. I just wish I could do all of it.

Our son turned 11 months yesterday. He’s getting so big so fast. I don’t want my husband to miss a minute of it. And I don’t want to miss more than I have to. I want the slow pace of our life back. My husband at home with our son and us having lazy weekends where we never get out of our pjs.

We have one collective goal now: home in time for Gabe’s first birthday. I feel like that is all we can shoot for. Does anyone else care about our goal? Do the doctors and nurses think it matters? I’m sure if it were up to them they would just let this drag on. But we have a life we want to get back to. I miss the way we were….

A Note to My Husband

I know that things seem impossible right now. It seems like it will be forever until we have our life back to the way it was. But I know that somehow, once this is all over, we will be rewarded for our strength and perseverance, not just with the bonds we form together, but with something amazing, befitting the end of our struggle. Of all three of us, you deserve it the most.