Personal Challenge

Productivity is at the utmost of importance right now because I have so much on my plate. Especially at work. I have taken on additional duties and my time seems to be stretched so thin. This blog post, sadly, is me wasting time not doing dishes, cleaning the littler boxes, doing reading for my current set of classes, or getting an early jump on the next term that starts on Monday. But I feel I need to issue myself this challenge in a public forum. I need an official record of my promise to myself. In that way, it can become a promise to you too, the reader. 

My challenge is to reduce the amount of time I spend on social media. Most specifically Facebook and Instagram. Facebook has become a time-suck unlike anything previously seen in my life. I just check it when my mind wanders or when I’m bored. Even if nothing has changed, I just find myself clicking around and just being “on” it. Sadly, it’s almost unconscious now. I log on all the time without really thinking about it. And when I find myself stuck or frustrated, I run to it like a safe place. 

I have resolve to take a break. I have thought a few ways about how to do this. Maybe stop cold turkey, make just try to be more aware. But I think my best solution splits the difference. I am going to use it as a SMART Goal:

I resolve to only check Facebook twice per day for the next seven days; once in the morning and once in the evening before I go to bed.

After seven days, I will evaluate my progress and decide if it has helped my productivity or if I need to set another, more strict goal.

I figured in addition to hopefully help my productivity at work and home, I thought it might be a fun experiment and a chance for me to blog about something other than my life goings-ons.  Stayed tuned ladies and gents to see how I do. The first test will be if I go to check after I post this blog, since my WordPress updates my Facebook 😛

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