Scattered to the Wind

Hello world! Let me again apologize for my absence from this blog. Life has definitely gotten in the way of my goal of writing. Now on to updates!

Husband: My husband his out of the hospital and home. We are taking things day by day but he is doing a wonderful job of helping out, eating healthy, and staying positive about his progress. Chronic pancreatitis is no picnic but he is being so strong, I really admire his determination to stay as healthy as possible during this process. Hopefully he starts to feel 100% soon.

Toddler: My little man is full-blown (and late-blooming) crawler. He loves it. He’s super fast now and is exploring and getting into everything! He is getting impossible to keep up with. He is extremely vocal, always trying to tell us what’s on his mind, and ready to start walking any day now. Much like crawling, I’m sure I’ll start crying like a baby as soon as I see him take steps unassisted for the first time. I hope I’m there in-person and that I don’t have to watch a video from someone’s phone.

School: So, last term didn’t go so well. I had a terrible time staying focused and I think a lot of the unknown with my husband being in the hospital started to get to me. I was feeling like there was no end in sight!  There was also a lot of illness. I had a sinus infection that seemed to last the entire term and Baby G is perpetually sick it seems. He’s going for allergy testing next week, but I digress. Did I mention daylight savings was in their too? I can’t say that I loved the classes I was taking either so I certainly struggled with staying motivated on that front as well. No straight As to report but passed both and maintained at 3.0+, which is all I can ask for. This term, I’m only taking one class. I’m hoping it will help me focus.

Work: I’m taking on more, learning lots, and getting interviews. Hopefully I can move into a a program coordination position (either grad or undergrad) soon. In addition to trying to grow, I’m also keeping busying my current position. I’m reading to make a change before I get burnt out, bitter, and/or lose my confidence. I know I can do this. I just have to keep pushing.

Housing: Now for the big news: we’re moving! I know what many of you are thinking (and have said to me directly), “Moving again?? But you just moved!” Here is what I have realized: I love moving. It is how I grew up, it’s what I know, and it gives me the opportunity to purge and change scenery all at once. Also, until I buckle under the pressure to buy a house, why not enjoy the benefits of being able to leave when you’re sick of dealing with certain things? Crappy neighbors? Move! Barking dogs driving you crazy? Move! House not working for where you are in your life? Move! That’s why we are. We needed something a little bigger, with a more open layout. We also wanted carpet throughout. I’m sick of the dogs barking, vagrants rummaging through my trash, and the proximity to the skunks that live by the river. Again, trivial to most, as no place is perfect but when I start adding up all the negatives, I’m done. Time to move on and it’s about what makes us happy as a family, right?  I’m excited and exhausted all at once. I’m also glad I’m only taking one class. We officially switch locations on Saturday. Wish us luck because we are going to need it to get everything done by then!

All caught up? Good because that’s about all that’s going on right now. I’ll do my best to keep this updated more often. Quantity and quality!


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