Rainy Days and 17s

Happy 3rd anniversary to my wonderful husband. This year has been crazy hard on us, yet again, we fight through. I think back through all our years and all I can do is smile and marvel at our strength.

Our lucky days are certainly rainy days (wedding day and Gabe’s birthday) and the 17th (wedding day and Gabe’s birthday). Happy 19 mos. to our little boy as well. He completes our little family.

It is both humbling and reaffirming to look back at all we have experienced and accomplished.

In the beginning….20131017-231509.jpg

Engagement photos20131017-231525.jpg

Wedding shower20131017-231533.jpg

Wedding day20131017-231544.jpg

Honeymoon (and unbeknownst bun in the oven hehe)20131017-231552.jpg

St. Patty’s Day 2012 – Welcome Baby G20131017-231600.jpg

New parents20131017-231605.jpg

Random birthday celebration20131017-231614.jpg

First family photo session (thanks Dear Baby Photography)20131017-231620.jpg

My 30th20131017-231624.jpg

With Age Comes Wisdom

Or so I’d like to think. I realized the other day that it really saddens me to seen grown women who aren’t comfortable with themselves. I’m not saying you need to be super arrogant, but if you are at least honest with yourself and comfortable in your own skin, people can tell.

I have not always been the most comfortable and confident woman. Heck, to this day I struggle with it. But at the end of the day I accept that I look how I look, my personality is pretty much set, and not everyone will like me or find me attractive. That’s life. I wonder how much harder my life would be if I still worried about what everyone thought. Or tried to please the masses. I would feel overwhelmed and depressed for not living up to this or that.

Maybe it’s 30. Maybe it’s being a wife and mother. Maybe it’s adversity toughening me up. Whatever has given me this outlook, I like it. I also hope to pay it forward. I don’t care if you’re 14 or 40, just love yourself. If you don’t, who will?

What gives you the confidence to be you?