Our Good Luck Charm


Getting to meet my son for the first time


Happy two years to my precious, sweet, perfect baby boy! Gabriel joined our family on March 17, 2012. I spent the majority of my pregnancy hoping and praying that he would not be born on St. Patrick’s Day. I wanted my little man to have his very own special day. Now, two years later, I realize he has enough personality to conquer any holiday. 

I still marvel at how much he has grown, changed, and changed me as a person. I can no longer just be a wife or a woman, I am a mother, and that is a title that is very special to me. Special because of him. He makes it so easy. I have always struggled to relate to children, to be good with kids. With this little guy, it is as easy as breathing. He’s magnetic and the ray of sunshine in my sometimes gloomy days. If I ever doubt myself, I just have to look at him to know I can make it through anything and everything, because I am his example. He relies on me and I get my strength from him.

Sorry to get all gushy (not really) but no feeling of love has ever come as easily to me as being a mother to my son. Happy second birthday Gabriel. I love you to the moon and back! XOXO


My favorite face in the world


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