Let’s Get Physical-ly Fit!



Happy hump day peeps!

So, on Monday some co-workers and I are starting a Biggest Loser challenge in our office. I’m excited for this because I have never really had the opportunity to compete for something like this but also have the support of a group while trying to do it. We’re going to do this over the summer and whomever loses the most wins! I’m feeling super motivated because, well, I need to do this. Though, I probably weigh less than I have in years (including and especially pre-baby) I don’t feel healthy. I actually feel awful most of the time. I’m tired of it. It’s time to make a change.

The most important thing to me is  that I do this a safe and healthy way. I don’t want any shakes or pills. I don’t want to do anything that isn’t sustainable. I want to learn how to eat healthy for myself and my family, and how to make time and commit to regular exercise. These are healthy habits, not temporary fixes.

One of my biggest fears about losing weight it gaining it all back. It may sound strange to some but I feel like I would rather stay this way then reach my goal, only to let it slip away. But at this point, there is no turning back. I want my to see healthy habits and eat well. I want my husband and I to make positive improvements with our health. We are both more sickly than I would like us to be and I think that maybe making changes to our diet can be a small step toward reversing those issues.

See that fat cat up there? She’s breathing heavy now but pretty soon she’ll be fitter, healthier! Wish me luck!


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