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My Mother’s Niche 30 Miles in 30 Days challenge is in the books. Though I only ran a few of the miles, I added an extra 30 miles over the month of September. It wasn’t much, and with all that has been going on lately, it has been tough. but I’m happy that I was able to finish this challenge. Go me! What’s up next for the month of October, weddings, moving, grad school, and travel! Wish me luck!

A Few Quick Thoughts

* Sometimes it feels like the hits just keep on coming. Bad things happen in threes, right? Try daily. But I feel like the universe is trying to find a way to balance things out….

* I can no longer watch Extreme Guide to Parenting. I refuse to watch shows that make me feel that angry or judgemental. I just need to move on and save that time and energy for my real life.

* As we prepare to move, I hope for a quieter neighborhood. I’ve loved this place, but the second I opened the window tonight to get some fresh air, I heard bass from someone’s car music and road noise from Truxel. As long as the are no barking dogs (knocking on wood now), I will be more content. Fingers crossed for us!

* I’m watching The Little Mermaid to sing and relax my brain from all the reading and work I did with my class group tonight. Veg…but only for a little while. Time to start packing!

* Stay tuned for moving updates!

Manic Monday


Happy Monday all! As you can see from my progress report above, I’m pretty much rocking my 30 Miles in 30 Days Challenge. I’ve been walking, jogging (rarely), and riding my bike. The bike is the best way for me to maximize calories burned and my time. I can get over 2 miles in the same 20 minutes I spend walking one mile. I can definitely feel the burn and work really hard at burning extra calories. I’m feeling proud of myself and motivated to stick with this challenge.

On the personal front, we have some promising news on the housing front. If all goes well, we’ll be moving into a new place early next month. The house is gorgeous and amazing. More than I think we deserve and maybe I’m still wrapping my head around it. Wish us luck that everything continues to go well and we end up happy and comfortable this time in October!

On the other end of the spectrum, I have to survive not only this week but the next few weeks as we gear up to move either way. Packing, cleaning, reading, papers, class, work….my head is spinning when I think about all of the things that I need to do in the next 3 – 4 weeks. It’s hard to think beyond that to weddings and holidays. Before I know it, 2015 will be here! This year has flown by but it has also been a pretty good one. I really hope we can finish this year strong.

Tennis: Possibly the Best Sport

So I haven’t mentioned my love of sports much on this blog. I guess I keep it mostly to mom stuff. But as G get older, I hope that sports become a large part of his life.

To start, I must say, I love the month of September. Football is starting, baseball is getting to crunch time, and one of the best majors in tennis is going on: The U.S. Open.

I’ve loved tennis since I was a pre-teen. My father taught me all about it and we used to watch Wimbledon and the U.S. Open when we spent summers together. I have so many great memories of watching tennis, especially the U.S. Open. It is the only grand slam on American soil, so it has the best media coverage in the states during the year. The flashy colors, the night matches, and the crazy American fans just make the U.S. Open such a unique tennis experience. One of my dreams in life is to visit NYC during the U.S. Open

While I love a few other sports, and respect most others, I think that tennis might be the best. Of course, these are my own musing and for my own reasons, I have developed this love and reverence for the sport. Here are just a few of the reason why I think that tennis is the best:

1) Mental Toughness – This might be the biggest reason I think that tennis is the tops. Because it is an individual sport vs. a team sport, it requires a level of mental toughness that other sports do not. You don’t get signs from the dugout, you don’t have a headset with someone feeding you plays, and you don’t have teammate to strategize with (I am only including singles in the conversation; doubles tennis is its own beast). It’s just you out there. While you can look to your coaches box during play, on the change overs you have to sit and think about what you did wrong, what you can do to improve, and how to raise your game. This requires a mental toughness that not many other sports require.

2) Endurance – I have seen tennis matches that last hours and hours. Again, you do get to sit during the change over, but it’s not like football or basketball where you get subs that come in and play for you while you sit on the bench. Whether you’re tired or not, when the change over is done, you have to get back in the match. It doesn’t matter if it is 20 minutes in or five hours in. You have to push through the fatigue. You also have to keep playing the game until it is over. There are no time outs if you get tired or overwhelmed. You have to play through the game no matter how long it lasts. Again, that is physical and mental endurance.

3) Continuous Schedule – There is really no tennis “season.” There are season surfaces, like spring is clay courts and summer is grass courts. The rest of the season is hard court. But other than that, tennis keeps going. While players can pass on tournaments if they want to rest up for a major, they really do just keep playing all the time. They travel all over the world, to almost every continent to play the sport they love. It seems like the breaks are few and far between.

4) To Get Paid, You Must Play – This is another favorite of mine. For good or bad, with tennis, if you want to get paid, you not only have to play in a tournament, you have to do well. There aren’t contracts that continue to pay out whether you get benched or not. If you don’t play a tournament, you pass up on any money. If you have an early exit, you get less money, or possibly none at all. And because of the nature of tennis. You actually have to show up, play well, and perform before you get to see any money.

5) The Scoring is Cooky – This one is just a goofy thought from me but I love the scoring in tennis because it is almost nonsense. Love? To 15? To 30? To 40? Don’t even get me started on Deuce and Advantage. Oh, and even keeping track of the games and sets can be bananas for a novice tennis fan. It has its own language (like most sports) and its own adorable culture. That is something I really love about it.

As tennis becomes more diverse and exciting, I can’t help but track with and enjoy watching it grown and change as a sport. I hope it is a sport that my child gets to experience and even enjoys himself.

As I sit here watching the U.S. Open, even while the first football game of the season is on, with my team playing (albeit, losing), I relish the fact that tennis is a sport that has stayed in my life and hope it continues to do so.