The Perfect Storm

It feels as though the perfect storm is brewing with my graduate classes in full swing, the move officially ready to move into starting October 1, and the start of the quarter on October 2. I couldn’t have planned the convergence  of madness better if I was a complete and total masochist.

School –

It can get confusing for some since I both attend school and work at a school. This particular heading is regarding the school I am a student at. Class are in full butt-kicking swing. The reading is suffocating. The writing I find fairly easy but we will see if that is the actual case once I start getting some papers back. I dig the page limits instead of minimums. It forces you to be direct, concise, and well-organized. If I can get caught up and stay caught up in the reading, I will much more confident about how the semester is going.

Work –

So this is the wonderful quarter system that the university I work at is on. The start of the quarter is Monday, September 29th  but classes officially start on October 2. This means the students will descend upon me and the rest of the university staff with demands and frustrations. The first two weeks, especially of fall are wrought with urgency. Students “need” this class or this particular instructor or class time. It’s a balancing act of determining actual needs and the whims of a generation used to getting what they want. Patience and attentiveness are the most important traits I can display for the first few weeks. I also try to sprinkle in compassion, though it is challenged (not just by the students) on an almost hourly basis. My hope is that I will be pleasantly surprised by how smooth this quarter starts off….a girl can dream can’t she?! 😀

Move –

This move is a gift and a curse. While I am stoked to be moving in to a spacious house that my family can grow into, the process of moving is daunting and enough to make me want to just throw in the towel. My fatigue is unmatched when it comes to trying to get motivated to pack, transport, and unpack all of this stuff yet again. I really hope this is it for a WHILE and I think our new landlord feels the same. As you can see below, we have a lot to look forward to. Just legit pray for me that we can survive this move to enjoy our new house for the holidays.

The papers are signed…our new abode!

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