Victory is Mine!


The battle over the pacifier has been waged and won by yours truly! We are 90% in the clear and that is victory in my book. While he does still ask for his pacifier at nap and bedtime, there’s no fight or tears, just a casual inquiry on his part or something along the lines of, “I want my paci,” to which I reply, “you’re a big boy now, bud, you don’t need it!”

I had the idea two Fridays ago while driving home. I had in my mind all that this year has in store. I started back to school this week, he is starting soccer, he will be three, we need to tackle potty training…the list went on and on. But I knew we had to tackle this first. It is major for us but small in the long run. How am I going to get to this potty training thang if we can’t get this pacifier out of our way?

We’ve certainly tried in the past. But the further along we get as parents, the weaker we can be in parts. Him being upset pains us more now. Because what upsets him my be ridiculous and silly at times, but, at least for me, I’m more attached. It is easier for him to communicate why he’s upset and something about that kills me inside. So the first few attempts ended in one or both of us giving in.

Then, I had the bright idea to use bribery. I’m not that first and I won’t be the last. Nothing sophisticated but being that I know him so well, I know what he likes. I know what motivates him. He likes Jake and the Neverland Pirates and he’s driven by gold doubloons! So, I decided to offer him how many ever gold doubloons he wanted in exchange for his paci. He said two. That seemed fair, but I knew he did not understand the gravity of the deal he had made yet. I gave him four, just to up the anty. We counted them, played with them, and, he was super excited. Then came the actual bed time. As I suspected,  he still wanted his paci. Then daddy came in offering a new toy if he filled up his coin jar with gold doubloons. While this did require some far-off thinking on his part, it seemed to work. The first night, he went to bed with no tears.

We were shocked he slept the entire night, without a peep and no paci. The next day we decided to reward him with a new toy anyway, he was asking for it and we were hoping it would help with the transition away from the paci anyways. So here we are, a little over a week in. He has done amazing at night. Not a peep. Naps have been not as good. Short and fussy but the past two days have improved. I think we might have turned a corner. He still asked tonight but he was more concerned that he only had Olaf, and not all of the Frozen characters in his crib tonight. Go figure.

These little things I will cherish. Part of me knows when I move him on to these milestones I’m losing my baby. I have to be happy and sad simultaneously. Now, we’re tackling weekly soccer and planning for the big three! Boy have these years flown by ❤

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