See If I Can Run It!

All puns aside, I’ve been seriously considering training to run a 5K marathon/race. I’ve never been a runner. Far from it in fact. But something about setting a tangible goal seems like a good way to jump-start my hardcore workout routine. Using the Couch-to-5K Running mobile app, it seems fairly straight forward to get started: 30 to 40 minutes, 3 days per week. Eventually, I will build up to jogging/running 3 miles consistently.

One piece of advice that I have received is that I should sign up for a race to make myself accountable. There are some in May that I have considered, but I think pushing this out to June is more realistic for me. I am probably starting at a much weaker fitness level than most.

So, for now, my goal is to find a place to run and create a schedule that is doable around all of my other responsibilities. I am no morning person, so this poses a challenge. Another challenge I face is that cardio will simply not be enough for my health goals. Weight training is actually more crucial for me because, as a diabetic, the fact is that weight training burns the sugar in my muscles and keeps burning it well after you are done working. It also keeps me building muscle alongside losing fat. I found an excellent article on the Daily HIIT Blog providing a pretty solid routine that incorporates running and weight training. Since this is a total of 60 minutes per day, time is at a premium.

My initial thought is to try to do weight training in the morning for 30 minutes and then running in the evenings after work for at least 30 minutes. Is this legitimately doable? I am not sure yet. But a girl can try. My goal is to start this schedule next week and see how I do. I do have a fitness Facebook group that I started with some of my girl friends last fall. I’m hoping we’ll have the chance to run together or at least motivate each other. Wish me luck and feel free to share your fitness journey with me!


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