And Here Comes Three!

Tomorrow my little snickerdoodle (cause he’s sugar and cinnamon) will turn three years old!

Three years ago tonight, I was in the hospital, in annoying labor and was begging the night nurses to give me food. Baby G was not tolerating labor well and the night nurse knew how it was going to play out. We were a team, Baby G and I, but true to his personality, he did not make his entrance into this world easily.

Since that lucky St. Patrick’s Day that he entered our lives, he has filled each moment with joy and made me grateful.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to not only be a mom, but to be his mom. We have had it so very easy with this sweet boy. He makes the days brighter and our hearts full.

Yes, there are days, weeks, even months in the parenting game that you ask, “why me? why now?” But even at the end of those days, in the peaceful moments, you cry not out of exhaustion, but out of joy. This is your challenge, your journey, your pleasure. To help this tiny person navigate the world. What more can you ask for than a mini version of you making you laugh and scoff in disbelief all at the same time?

Yes, there is much sleep missed and many friends that choose not to make the journey with you, but in your heart and mind you know that you are making a special journey. The journey is not for the faint of heart and it will irrevocably change you and shape the life of the little person along for the ride with you.

There is no little dude I’d rather take the journey with than this guy.

20150314_155639 (1)

cake face at his party

Happy third birthday, sweet boy! I love you to the moon and back!


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