The Tide Has Turned

So, well before my little one turned three years old, I started seeing posts from friends and acquaintances about their “threenagers.” Not one to get caught up in the hype I would just “like” the post an move on. But now that I have done more research on the lingo, I’m finding out that apparently as soon as he turned three, my son would transform into this mythical creature.


What I have on my hands is a crafty little guy with lots to say. Talking back is now constant, fits are a means to an end, and finger wagging is how he tells you what is what. I feel like this happened over night. He’s always been spirited, but it seemed like it was in such a gentle way before. The sassiness that he is developing is really throwing me for a loop. He is stubborn, manipulative, and full of energy. Perhaps this is just having a boy…or a toddler or all of the magical combination of both.

I suppose I have to take the good with the bad when it comes to toddlerhood. He is smart as a whip, remembering songs, phrases, and words that he hears, then using them in context almost instantly. I’m in awe of his memory, humor, and personality depth. So, I guess along with those strides into personhood comes a rebellion, a unique take on the world, and a no-nonsense attitude when dealing with everyone.

These days I don’t know whether to laugh for put him in a time out. Sometimes it is a toxic mix of both emotions. One thing that haunts me for sure is the thought that I’m contemplating doing this all over again…with another tiny person! Can you imagine?! We have always said we have had it very easy with this boy for the most part. He has been extremely healthy and slept fairly well for most of his three years. The thought of having another, possibly more difficult tot is daunting to say the least. I know if it is a girl, we will have our hands full!

Cheers to year three and fingers crossed for our survival! Below are the many faces of the elusive threenager at his first Easter Egg Hunt this year!

threenager1 threenager2 threenager3

Want more information on life with a threenager? This post made me laugh out loud. Buzzfeed always has my back!

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