Summer Time Goals

Happy June all! The past two months that I have been absent are not something I am proud of but they were necessary for my sanity. This semester of graduate school, especially the second half, was pretty killer.

To recap since it has been a while, I am pursuing a master’s degree in higher education. Oh, and did I mention, I just finished my first year?! Yeah, I’m pretty proud of myself and ready to enjoy my summer “break.”

Why is the word break in parentheses? Well, because summer break for this program means working on my literature review, and writing the first few chapters of my thesis. I need to spend the summer researching my thesis topic (if it is well-formed enough), reading, reviewing, processing, and synthesizing the information so that I can write. Wish me luck is all I can say. I am hoping I can stay motivated this summer without the pressure of deadlines and group work (others relying on me) to keep me on task.

Also, work and home life are crazy busy. My threenager makes every day interesting and challenges me everyday. He’s such a little person now, and I have to stay on my toes. With work, I feel like I take so much on in addition to my regular duties that I sometimes feel like I have to just stay afloat. In reality, I want to thrive, but I have to know my limits.

June 1 is the start of our office’s summer biggest loser contest. We all throw some cash in the pot and compete over the next 90 days to see who can lose the biggest percentage of their body weight. Weekly weigh-ins (weekly for the contest; daily for me), logging food, and regular exercise–this is what my summer will consist of.

Now that I have come up for air from the academic year for both work (two more weeks!) and school, I wanted to create some goals for myself over the summer.

Summer Goals

1) Work on my thesis literature review. Have the first three chapters of my thesis written by the time we meet for our first cohort meeting in late August.

2) Regularly log my food intake (I’ll be using Lost It! since I have a premium account for the year)

3) Work out at least 3 times per week for 30 minutes; 5 times per week would be optimal

4) Get my work office organized

5) Take the family to the coast at least once (had to throw in a fun one for me and my boys!)

6) Blog at least once per week (because I miss it!)

I think these goals are pretty SMART, and I also want to avoid overwhelming myself.

I hope you all of you are starting summer off right and look forward to more updates from me!


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