One Month Gone

Bonus points if you can guess the book/movie my blog title was inspired by…

Anyways, summer vacation started a little over a month ago from my master’s degree program. Unfortunately, I have not used that time wisely (or at all for that matter). Now as we head into July, I feel lost with my thesis topic. I’ve had some deviations in terms of the topic and the research I want to do. I feel like the month of June is/was a loss, and I have to spend July getting back on track. I was insanely busy with work and family obligations in June, but I am quickly running out of time to be indecisive.

We are also one month into the biggest loser competition and halfway done with 2015. I feel like the biggest loser is going well for me despite gaining weight this week. Working out has been going well, and I have really figured out this whole eating this. What I had to remind myself is that I can’t out-exercise a bad diet. I have to exercise and eat well in order to see changes in my appearance and my diabetes management.

So far 2015 has offered a lot of personal growth opportunities that I have taken advantage of. I will be turning 32 at the end of the month and finding a way to cope with that.

Right now, I have to remain determined to pick a thesis topic that is interesting, accessible, and useful in the field. I got this right?

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