Change is in the Air

A change is gonna come….tomorrow!

With a mix of sadness and trepidation, I prepare to take on a new role. I recently accepted a position in the Dean’s Office as an International Academic Counselor on campus and will be starting on Monday.

I cannot express how thoroughly I have enjoyed my time in my current position. My office is full of amazing and entertaining people. It is rare to find such a fulfilling position, along with people to make it worth the trip in every day. The work, while fulfilling, can be overwhelming, tedious, and thankless at times. The support and encouragement I have received over the past two years has given me an unparalleled experience. Uplifting is an understatement when I think about this group.

I have a had a LOT of jobs in my life. I have only been able to call my coworkers true friends after very few of those jobs. To maintain and foster those relationships outside of work, and after departing, takes commitment and dedication. That group of people is even smaller than the former.

My current path is a career trajectory. It started in this department, with this position, and these people believing in me. I will not soon forget that. I am lucky to still call the same campus home while being able to further my career path and take a very important next step. It may seem like a conclusion but it is truly a blessing and a beginning. All the while, I know that a very important group of people is right on the other side of campus 😉

Even though I don't, I really do <3 math

Even though I don’t, I really do…

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