Nothing Gained

Well, it is the eve of my second year and first class meeting of the 2015-16 school year for my graduate program. This summer has flown by and not nearly enough was accomplished to prepare me to return to “student” status.

In short, I’ve slacked off this summer. While I’ve made great strides toward my career goals (promotion FTW), I let those aspirations put my thesis work on the backburner. I also tried a little thing called “relaxing,” that was a lost concept during the last academic year. Work and school combined for that kind of exhaustion.

My problem is that I believe so whole-heartedly in balance, that if I feel I have been out of balance for too long, I dive in with both feet the other direction for way too long. Thus is the story of my lost summer.

So, I head into the new semester with trepidation to say the least. Anxious and stressed are understatements. But it is time to buckle down and get it done!

Cheers to my cohort-mates! Happy Fall quarter, all!


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