Cookie Monster

So like many parents, I have resorted to bribing my child to get him on the potty training track. I have promised my child ice cream, candy, iPad time, TV time, and most importantly cookies, all in exchange for him using the potty. Needless to stay, progress is slow because he knows this is something we want. Therefore, it is something he is refusing to grant us. He knows what is supposed to happen, but does not care to trouble himself with having to stop playing and participate in going to the potty. At 3.5 years old, he’s already over it.

Additionally, being my child, he has constantly trying to circumvent this reward system.

Last night, it reached a comedy high-point. While trying to explain to him, yet again, that he only gets a cookie if he actually uses the potty (not just sit on it and not go in his diaper) he looks at me and says, “But mama, everyone loves cookies!”

I couldn’t help but stop and laugh. He repeated it a few times, especially once he realized how hilarious I found it.

Sometimes I just can’t help but crack up at his logic. It’s so sound. If I wasn’t trying to teach him something or coax a behavior out of him as his mother, I would totally be on his side. He is going to take the world by storm one day with this sassiness and gift for the logical argument.

The Unstoppable Gabriel Graening: coming a to a preschool near you!

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