Bright Spot

Some days are just too much. You are overwhelmed, overworked, and overtired. These days are the hardest for parenting. You just want to throw in the towel and declare bedtime is now!

These are usually weekdays after work (for some of us, after school too) and, as the week goes on, patience grows shorter. For us parents who are introverts, we have usually had our fill of people by this twilight hour.

I sometimes find myself going through the motions. Dinner, toy wrangling (well, I try and fail some days), brushing teeth, reading books, etc.

My favorite nights are when something happens to snap you out of the routine for a just a minute.

Tonight, while we were prepping to brush teeth, Gabriel grabs my hand mirror and starts walking around the bathroom saying, “I’m fabulous!” Queue laughter!

I was on auto-pilot, but this little bright spot brought me back to the moment. I find I need that sometimes. It helps me remember what I’m doing this for and why it matters. I’m shaping a mini-person who is going to grow up and be comedy gold one day if he isn’t already 😉

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