Per usual, I’ve been remiss in updating my blog with the goings-on in my life. I will say that things have been exciting for sure.

Since today is Thanksgiving, in addition to reviewing what I’ve been up to, I’d also like to put it in the context of what I am thankful for.

Personal –

I’m thankful for my newfound confidence in my natural hair. It has been a long journey (32 years really), but I get it now. And I get myself. This is me. This is my beauty.

I’m also thankful for some of the products that have helped me along the way discover the amazing versatility of my natural hair. These two products give my hair life! Thank you Shea Moisture and Eva NYC.


Professional/Work –

I’m thankful for my job. My new office came out amazing and I’m so thankful for the opportunity to take on the challenges and rewards that come along with this position.


One of those challenges (hehe) is travel. I’m thankful I got the opportunity to attend the NAFSA Region XII Conference this year in Honolulu, Hawaii (thank you Waikiki, it was real!). It was an amazing experience that I will never forget.




Family – 

In October, my husband and I celebrated five years of marriage. It has been a crazy ride and I can’t imagine taking it with anyone else. We have so many wonderful things ahead (baby no. 2 perhaps?) and so many memories we’ve created.


And finally, there is nothing in this would I could ever or will ever be more thankful for than my son (well, maybe another little one but I digress). He is the light in my world and a constant source of amazement, amusement, joy, and love. I’m not sure what I’ve done in this life, or previous ones, to deserve a kid like this, but I wouldn’t trade one second of it for anything. Thankful is an understatement for this journey as his mama.



I’m also thankful for my health, family, friends, and pets. Reflecting on what I am thankful for puts things in so much perspective.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and lots of thanks to give for all you have.

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