(Almost) Fit Girl

A new adventure awaits! I’ve decided to embark on a month-long challenge to eat better and get healthier.

On Monday, I am starting the Fit Girls Guide 28 Day Jumpstart Challenge.


What’s this adventure entail you ask? Well, the challenge is meant to “jumpstart” a healthier way of eating and living. It incorporates exercise and meal planning. The goal being, if I follow the guide as much as possible over the next 28 days, I’ll see real results by the beginning of the year.

I found out about this program and these challenges thanks to Instagram. They have a wonderfully inspiring page full of photos and words of encouragement from women just like me, trying to make changes for the better. I’ve been following for months and finally decided that December is my month to join the party and see what all the fuss is about. Also, they had a wonderful holiday sale on the guide. Mama loves a bargain! 😉

I am looking forward to clean eating, getting moving, and having a supportive online community to keep me motivated.

One of the best things about this program is from the onset I am told not to expect perfection. How many times have I started a “diet” or “exercise program” only to give up at the first challenge? Get down on myself when I don’t do everything perfect? Pretty much every time!

Going into this challenge knowing that I will stumble, I will mess up, I will have weaknesses, and challenges outside of this makes it feel more realistic. To put it another way, if I set the expectation that I will be human, I cannot beg off at the first sign of my humanness. It is reality and I will push through.

I really shouldn’t even call this challenge a “program.” I should be calling it a lifestyle change. That is the ultimate goal. The guide will give me tools to make better choices, believe in myself, and hopefully make lasting changes to the way I eat. The rest is up to me.

I always have goals to post on this blog thang regularly. However, I know myself and should life take over and I can’t check in until the end of the challenge, hopefully I will be checking in with wonderful progress toward my ultimate life goal: healthy living. Let’s do this!



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