And Puppy Makes Six…

Last week was a whirlwind. Both work and school were winding down at the same time.

In the midst of this, my husband states that he would like a dog for Christmas. While dogs have never been off-limits, we never really been in the place to have them. We’ve lived in apartments, condos, townhouses, etc. Lack of a yard was our biggest hindrance. This house has been a year, and it has been great. Large house with a smallish yard. So now that we’ve settled in, the dog discussion began.

We have two resident cats, four and five respectively. One of my hesitations has been, being a cat person, I don’t really understand the point of dogs. Lots of work and I don’t understand what I get…more work? I don’t need the attention, the smell, the noise, or the mess. I like sleep, and you know what cats do? They sleep A LOT!

So, I have pretty set feelings on how animals make me feel. People can disagree all day, but my feelings are not invalid because someone disagrees. That is like me saying people who do no get or like cats are dumb and their opinion is wrong. I don’t believe this and would not ever say or agree with it. Dog and cat lovers just enjoy different things about animals and some people love all furry creatures. We all travel our own road.

So, in marriage, you make compromises. If you don’t, you’re either incredibly selfish or a doormat. There will be things your significant others love, enjoy, want, or need that does not align with your love, enjoyment, wants, needs. That is okay. We are individual that bring our whole selves to a marriage. I married a dog lover. And while we acquired two cats (and had a kid) he has remained so, while I have not changed. In talking to married folks, I have found that we are not unique. Dog and cat people can marry and compromise. This can and will work.

After much discussion about the right fit for our family, we decided on a puppy. I would like to introduce you all to Ava (I did get to pick the name and we all picked the pup, though I was out-voted on which one in the litter we picked):


Getting this little girl was a lot of work! Long hours and lots of diving but here we are. She’s a cocker spaniel with a sweet personality. She’s potty training (god help us) and chasing the cats around. It has definitely been an adjustment but seeing my son play and my husband happy is all worth it.

Yes, it will take me time to warm up, but I’m a cat, and that’s what we do. We have to get used to you before we embrace you. Her time will come 😉

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