FGG Week 3


So, in week three of following the Fit Girls Guide, I discovered a small hiccup in the meal plan. I’m lactose intolerant and many (seems as if all) meals include some sort of dairy.

For breakfast, 2% greek yogurt is required or some form of cheese. Lunch, I get a pass on the dairy, but for dinner I get pumpkin lasagna mixed with ricotta, and polenta mixed with ricotta, and kale with artichoke hearts mixed with sour cream and cheese and…..so…much…cheese.

So, while I have seen weight loss and a major increase in my vegetable intake, I have also felt my gut twisted into knots and been doubled over in crippling pain.

I know what you’re thinking, how did I get here? How did I just keep making the meals, knowing full well that I’m lactose intolerant? Well, the answer is it is not that simple. While I know that I am lactose intolerant, I also know that my body can handle some things. I dabble in dairy on occasion but don’t really notice the effects because they are infrequent encounters at best. So this full-scale, multiple times per day assault on my gut has really taken a toll. Now I am seeing my full “intolerance.”

So, from here, I have to regroup. While I would like to try and find subs for everything in the diet plan, I wonder if I can afford all of these non-dairy substitutes. Because of the amount of dairy in this program, I feel like I need to just change directions.

Last week has been wonky anyway with holiday parties and days out of the office. I need to take the rest of the year to find the right path for me. Starting back in 2016, I’ll put together a better plan.

In the meantime, I need a break from all the dairy. Wish me luck, as I find my way back to “clean eating.”


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