It’s the Holiday Season!

Happy Holidays all! It has been so very nice to have time off, as it seemed the end of this year was wearing me down. After five days off, I was back to work today. Getting back in the swing of things for three days and then a four-day weekend ahead. It’s a rough life, I’ll tell ya that 😉

As for our Christmas, we a small, quiet holiday this year. Here are a few highlights:

We got a real tree this year! Gabriel helped us pick it out for the first time and it was our first real tree since he was born. She was fragrant and hearty. I think this year we learned that I might be slightly allergic. Guess you can’t have it all :-/


All decorated (slightly lopsided) with a handsome little dude


We took Gabriel to see Santa, and let me tell you, reservations are a life-saver!

SS_Arden Fair_20151223_000008_P

Merry-go-round with daddy


On Christmas Eve, we went to look at lights! Another first for our little man and he had a blast!


We’re trying to avoid the tradition of Christmas getting “bigger” each year. Little man had a pretty good year last year, and we tried to stay conservative this year. Our goal is to enjoy the family time with each other and appreciate what we have. I think we were pretty successful this year. Hope you all had a wonderful holiday!




The Graenings


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