We’ve Commenced!

A little over a week ago the majority of my graduate school cohort and I celebrated our commencement. For some in our cohort it was the culmination of all their hard work. For others like me, it was recognition for all of the hard work we’ve done so far, but also knowing we still have more to go.

I so would have liked to have finished my thesis “on time,” but to be honest, I know I made the right choice. “No ragrets” if you will  😉

I took on a new job this past late summer. I dragged myself to the finish line of my classes in Fall. By the time Spring semester arrived, I didn’t have any gas left in the tank. I knew taking on a new job would be challenging. There came a point when I had to decide to focus on certain things. I have a full-time job that I love but challenges me in ways on the daily. I also have a family. I struggle enough to make time for all the things I want outside of work–a clean house, happy child, interactions with my husband–so I had to choose. I chose to focus on work and family the first part of 2016. We went on a few road trips and potty trained our son; a huge milestone if you’ve been following our journey.

Watching my son meet my husbands family and enjoying Disneyland on his fourth birthday were things I could not and would not miss for the world. So many special memories have been created so far this year. My commencement was one of them.

Even though I still have more to do, I got to celebrate with the two people that supported me most these past two years: my boys. They sacrificed a lot while I was taking classes. As one of the commencement speeches pointed out, my husband spent days and nights alone, managing the parenting and household while I pursued my educations; my son missed out on goodnight kisses, stories, and days spend doing nothing together. I missed soccer practice, tears, and laughter. We all sacrificed. I still have more to go and will continue to appreciate their sacrifice in allowing me to drag this out a little longer.

A special thank you to my co-worker (aka work wife) Alejandra for decorating my grad cap and taking lovely photos.

One of my favorite quotes that I picked up in grad school is “Hustle hard. Stay humble.” This experience has been and will continue to epitomize that statement.

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