Another Summer in the Books

Tonight is the eve of the first day of the quarter. It has been a long (thanks to the quarter system), crazy summer. This was my first summer in my current position at work and I have to say, the level of busy for a summer was more than I was prepared for. Despite all of the juggling at work, I did manage to squeeze in some good times. I didn’t really have a plan for this summer, but looking back, I have some really great memories.


A visit from Liz and a trip to the Marin Headlands (June)


4th of July @ Raley Field (July)



Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk for my birthday #33 (July)


Gabriel stats preschool (August)


We’re a silly pair (August)


Sippin’ lemonade Beyonce at Levi Stadium with A (we got in formation) – September

Clearly, my blogging skills are lacking but, as always, I promise to up my game. While I’m sad to see the summer go, I’m excited for Fall. Mostly for the weather but for a different pace at work, hopefully more family time, and more adventures I haven’t even planned yet.

The first day of autumn in Thursday. Here is to hoping for cooler temperatures and an awesome final third of 2016!

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