That Just Happened


Shock and awe is an understatement. The results of the 2016 Presidential Election have left the country (and in many ways the world) stunned.

I sit here tonight with so many privileges. I have the the following privileges:

  • A husband to comfort me
  • A child that is not old enough to understand what is happening
  • A roof over my head
  • Food
  • A job that provides health care for me and my family
  • Transportation to my job
  • Coworkers and friends the support and understand
  • Where I live (CA)
  • My marriage (for the time being) is legal and in general (meh) accepted
  • My citizenship status

So ask I reflected on this today, I am saddened for so many. My safety is secondary to me right now. The safety of so many I know, care about, and love is paramount. I have an obligation to show kindness, love, compassion, and strength for them. Because this is what I have come to expect and feel from them.

Today, I am a woman first. A woman that has seen how insidious, pervasive, and destructive patriarchy is. We as women internalize it and are socialized to accept it. We are not allowed to take up space. We are not allowed to feel safe or comfortable in our own skin nor in public. And we are taught that we (our looks, our clothing, our words) are the problem. This most disappointing is how we separate and dehumanize those who aren’t like us. At the end of the day, we all share the pain and is patriarchy.

A hard lesson was learned by many today about what oppression looks and feels like. If you are feeling helpless, like you are in danger, like your rights don’t matter, and like you don’t understand how or why, this is your crash course in oppression. Welcome to the family?! *shurgs* We’re dysfunctional but we stick together.

Sit with that feeling. Lean into the discomfort, even. This is what many experience daily. For years. The hard part is realizing that those around you are all part of it. For and against you. That is the real oppression.

When we look at the results of the election, we only have ourselves as women to blame. We couldn’t see our own self-worth. We couldn’t see the value in the woman next to us enough to stop it. We couldn’t see the humanity in the “others” to stop this from happening.

I take some comfort in what many women of color tried to accomplish. But it doesn’t surprise me when I look at how far black women have come in this country.

I only wish my fellow women could see it. We as a group don’t even need men as allies to be the change. We only need each other.

So here we are. So much work to do. Stronger together? It sounds cliche, especially now but it is what we need more than ever. This is the true test of our character as individuals. What will our resilience look like? What about our resolve? Our courage? Our convictions? Let’s get to work!

#ImStillWithHer #BlackGirlMagic #Feminist #AlsoFeltTheBern

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