Peace Out 2016!

I know that like many people, I am very excited to put 2016 in the rear-view mirror. My favorite descriptor of this year so far? “Poop-flavored trash fire.” And I’ll never stop laughing at it.

For all of the crap that happened on the large scale (check the celebrity deaths and election madness in case you forget), on the small scale, 2016 was actually quite lovely. As I looked back at my pics that I planned on using to populate my end-of-year post, I became overwhelmed with a sense of joy, accomplishment, hope, love, and most of all gratitude. I have so many things in my life to be thankful for. That is not to say that I am free from chaos, sadness, and strife. That is just to say when I look at my life as a sum of its parts, it’s not half bad!

Because of what 2016 will go on to represent in history, my only hope is that 2017 will offer a counter-balance to the disappointment that has stricken our society (particularly in the U.S.). It can only get better, right?! Am I right?! For the love of whatever is holy, I hope that I am right.

On a personal level, I have many goals, but I am more hopeful for us as a people and a society. That we can come together more. Share more. Laugh more. And view each other more as people rather than as opponents and, at times, enemies.

The more aware my child becomes of the world (and the more I consider bringing another one into the world) the more I need hope that we are capable of something greater than this as it stands. Prove me right 2017!

For me, this is by far my favorite time of year. There is so much to reflect on, and more to look forward to. Cheers to all of the memories of 2016 and best wishes for a fantastic 2017!

Allow me to indulge a bit in a few personal highlights from 2016 (some in pictures):


Road trip to AZ and Valentine’s Day dinner in Vegas!


Disneyland for Gabriel’s 4th Birthday


I commenced from my grad program (thesis still in progress hehe)


A visitor from the East and a trip to the coast!



Doc McStuffins for Halloween!


Happy holidays from The Graenings!


Some highlights now pictured:

  • We got a new car
  • I saw Beyonce @ Levi’s Stadium
  • Santa Cruz for my birthday
  • Got to visit Atlanta, GA for the first time thanks to a work conference. Oh, did I mention I was a presenter at a national conference? 🙂
  • My work-wife moved on to greener pastures in So Cal 😦

What were some of your highlights from 2016? Feel free to share in the comments or just reflect on your own.

Wishing you all peach and love in 2017 ❤ x0x0

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