March On!

I had the privilege to participate in the Women’s March on Sacramento on Saturday, January 21. This was one of the 673 sister marches that took place in solidarity of the Women’s March on Washington

Like many women (and people for that matter), the inauguration ushered in a time of great fear and uncertainty. 

One of the most amazing feelings about participating in this march was the feeling of togetherness. So much peace and belonging. The signs were everything. While I was not a able to bring my boys with me, it was wonderful to see so many men and children marching. I cannot wait until my son is old enough to understand the importance of feminism and fighting for human rights. 

I had the pleasure of marching with some of my coworkers. Another privilege I will continue to be thankful for. To work with such talented, enlightened, and empowered people is a great honor. Many other people I know attended and further solidified my belief that who you surround yourself with is a reflection of who you are. I consider so many of these people my brothers and sisters.

We are in for a fight and the scary part is we don’t know how far this will go, how much strength we’ll need, and what we could lose in the next four years. What I know is I will continue to stand with people who care and are willing share in my fight.

The sign below says –

“I march because: 

  • Love is love
  • Black lives matter
  • Climate change is real
  • Trans is beautiful 
  • Immigrants and refugees make America great
  • Women’s Rights are human rights”

I shoud have taken more pics of signs but being there and taking it in for myself was overhwelming and inspiring.

March on ladies!

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