Another Year, Another Chapter: 2017 Recap


Well friends, one thing I can say for certain: 2017 was not my best year for blogging! To say that I blogged irregularly would be an understatement. But that is okay.  I’ve had a lot on my plate and accomplished a tremendous amount. And without fail, I will always post my annual new year’s eve post.

New year’s eve is my favorite holiday. To me, it is a chance to hit the reset button. I know logically this could happen at any time. But having the chance to start a clean slate with a new calendar year feels refreshing.

This year has been been memorable in so many ways. I reconnected with family, finished my advanced degree, got a promotion, and spent a lot of time focusing on my health, both physical and mental. Here’s little recap:


My little finished preschool!



And started kindergarten!


About that thesis…finished! So happy! So accomplished!

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Family trip to Monterey!




Family photo session

I have a lot of big plans for 2018, maybe more so than in other years. What better place to hold myself accountable than to put them down here. It has been fun over the years looking back at my resolutions and seeing what stuck and what made me laugh in hindsight.  So here goes –

Blog more! No seriously, I not only want to, but I need to. I recently received some wonderful encouragement about my writing and feel like I need to work harder at sharing my thoughts and ideas. Hopefully you all enjoy!

Fitness challenges. So a few Decembers ago this ended up as a resolution. I had just started/purchased the FitGirlsGuide with the plan on doing their 28-day jumpstart challenge. I stuck with the eating for a few weeks but never really committed to the exercise. This January, I’ll be giving it another go. What I’ve learned now is I need to make the food work for me and follow the workout guide to get moving. I need to keep challenging myself, especially physically. Wish me luck!

Keep fighting my invisible battles. These are both physical and mental battles. They are not easy for other folks to understand because they are unseen but a very real part of my everyday life. Whether it is my diabetes or my anxiety, I’m going to keep on pushing through each day.

Plan on it! Anything and everything that is. I’ve recently discovered the (paper) planning world and feel like this will lend itself to my life and the way I think. This will likely give me more to blog about 😉 It might also offer me the opportunity to be a little creative, and most importantly, get my life organized!

Positive thinking. Self-explanatory I guess. I will continue to work on my way of thinking and being more positive, open, forgiving, and compassionate not only with others but also with myself.

So that’s it! Nothing too hardcore, right? Feel free to share your plans and resolutions below.

I hope you all have a happy and safe new year!


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