Progress,  Not Perfection

Happy 2018 all!

As I mentioned in my New year’s eve blog, I set an intention to complete a monthly challenge.

So Jan 1st I started back with the Fit Girls Guide 28 Day Jumpstart Challenge. 

I have to admit,  I started this challenge off rocky. I missed some workouts and ate less than clean. One of my biggest hurdles is the eating. My family needs to eat on a budget and constantly having my own separate grocery list is just not feasible. I need to find healthy things I can make with my family. Plus, I like finding my own, healthy recipes. Yay Pinterest!

For working out, it is just time. I’m not a morning person and my evenings get so crazy with dinner,  bedtime, and just trying to regroup at the end of each day.

With all of that being said (excuses), I have to remind myself that my goal is progress, not perfection. This is one of my monthly and yearly goals, and perhaps on of the hardest sayings for a work-in-progress perfectionist like myself.

So let’s take stock of what went well.


  1. I ate well most days, even if it was only for one or two meals.
  2. I drank a crap-ton of water thanks to my Hydrocoach app.
  3. I exercised three days last week, which is more than I can say for most of 2017.
  4. I weighed in today 4lbs down from Wednesday when I was at the doctor.

So this week coming I have a lot on my plate socially and professionally, but I going to keep at it. I can’t quit because it isn’t all perfect. #ProgressNotPerfection

Happy new year all!


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