Mid 30s

Well, I am officially right smack in the middle of my 30s. I have to be totally honest, and I say this for every year older I get: I’ve waited my whole life to be this old.

There is a comfort and ease that comes with aging that in a way sneaks up on you. So many people worry about what it will look like or feel like physically. But what we should be talking about is how it feels emotionally. Wisdom is growing. Confidence has peaked. I’ve seen enough life now to know what I can and cannot handle, what I can and cannot bear, and what I will and will not stand.

This isn’t to say that life won’t continue to throw curve balls. But what I’ve learned is that is life. Learning to navigate the good and the bad that life hands you.

There’s so much more I want to do and so many things I’ve yet to experience, but I also have a tremendous amount of gratitude for what I already have and get to experience –

  • Marriage and love
  • Motherhood and pregnancy
  • Career success and passion for what I do
  • Educational opportunities and continued goals
  • Travel (which is limited but I appreciate it)
  • Continued support with my mental and physical health
  • Close, meaningful relationships with people that value me as much as I value them
  • The ability to provide for my family financially (as limited as that may be, but we have food!)
  • All of the first-world comforts that come with my station in life

These are just a few things I am grateful for and I think that is my most important lesson thus far: gratitude.

With so much wrong with the world and society today, those of us with privilege have an obligation not only to reflect on our areas of privilege but also avail ourselves to the opportunities to help others.

Are we advocates? Are we allies? Are we volunteers? Do we give of anything outside of ourselves, even if all we have to give is our time?

Share. Offer support.Volunteer. Stand up. Speak out. Listen.

Someone needs you.

Our time on this planet is precious and can be filled with so much good and bad. Are we doing our part to contribute to the good?

So, onward further into my 30s I go, ready for whatever is next!

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