I’m back…with recipes!

Hello all! I hope 2018 has been treating you well!

It’s been a minute but I wanted to jump back on here to share some of my favorite recipes right now. I often post my meal prep on my Instagram page (@lowcarbplans) and get a lot of requests to share the recipe I’m making. So here goes!

A few things to know:

  • I’m still trying to do low-carb/keto along with intermittent fasting (IF). When I eat well, combined with exercise and fasting, I lose weight–shocker. Right now, I’m eating aight and not exercising regularly, so with IF, I’m maintaining my weight. More weight loss to come in the future. Just need to get back on track.
  • I get most of my recipes from Pinterest. I’ve also started using a paper recipe book to help me keep track of my favorites. It’s also easier to follow then having to keep opening a device. I also get some recipes from Instagram and pin them later.

Me and My Big Ideas Recipe Book

  • Meal prep is necessary for me. I grocery shop and cook on the weekends as much as possible. My husband is back to work and I’m in charge of dinner in the evenings, so in addition to my lunches. The beauty of IF is that I can skip meal prepping breakfast–this is an incentive for sure. I’ve also started prepping dinners for the week to reduce the amount of time I spend cooking after I get home, cause this mama is exhausted!

Meal prep for the week

Without further adieu, here are a few of my recipe favorites –



Keto Sheet Pan Hibachi Beef and Vegetables


One of my all-time favorites: Mediterranean Chicken

I try a variety of recipes on a regular basis but the ones listed above are on my hit list. Feel free to post any of your favorite recipes in the comments!

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