Late Announcement

So it’s been a while! Buckle up, this is going to be a long one!

Looking back, I realize that I haven’t posted since right before I found out I was pregnant W found out November 26, 2018 to be exact.

Right after we found out 🙂

This pregnancy kind of flew by and I did most of my documenting in social media.

Let me get you caught up 🙂

My oldest is seven years old and over the years a lot has changed. Right after he was born my husband’s father passed away. That was a very difficult time trying to deal with the euphoria of new parenthood (plus all the other parts like sleep deprivation) and the extreme sadness of losing a parent. He also had a lot to work through. Within the first year of our son being born, my husband would end up hospitalized with gallbladder issues and ultimately pancreatitis that required months of care in the hospital and years of recovery.

Over the years, I went back to school, received an advanced degree, and several job promotions, all while my husband stayed home and did the bulk of the parenting.

We always knew we wanted more children but timing was important for us. Also, much like anything in life, there are no guarantees in family planning. We got so lucky when I found out I was expecting and we felt truly blessed to conceive without any roadblocks.

As this was my second diabetic pregnancy, I knew what to expect: full lock down of my eating. This time around I was managed but only by my O.B. and maternal fetal medicine, but also an endocrinologist. So many protocols about what you can take medication-wise during pregnancy had changed over the years.

I dealt with the first trimester exhaustion and nausea, but this time the nausea went away once I hit the second trimester, hooray! Being nauseated all none months was very difficult last time.

In January, we found out we were having another boy thanks to fancy genetic testing that can give you all kinds of information in the first trimester.

In the second trimester we, has the amazing opportunity to travel to Hawaii as a family thanks to my award-winning work 🙂

Hawaii with the fam

For me the most exciting part was my due date. I was officially due August 4th but being diabetic, the standard protocol is to deliver you at 39 weeks. My birthday is July 26th, my dad’s is July 27th, and 39 weeks for this dude was July 28th. Couldn’t be any cuter in my mind.

Getting ready…

I will say that being pregnant in summer is no joke and having your 3rd trimester in July makes you a superhero (August would make you a god of some sort).

I was fortunate enough to have most of July on maternity leave and was able spend my summer with my older son while he was on break.

I was in serious nesting mode and ready to meet this baby because in addition to it being smack in the middle of summer, I was also much older this pregnancy. Seven and a half years older than last time. The third trimester was a test of my fortitude (perhaps preparing me for a second turn at this parenting thing).

Almost at the end…

Most important was preparing for my delivery. Because of my emergency c-section last time, and after discussing with my doctor multiple times (usually through tears) we decided on a scheduled c-section this time. I had to hope for a better outcome this time because we were planning this surgery instead of allowing me to labor and having it lead to an emergency situation.

I had to mentally prepared myself for another surgery and recovery…

More to come when I share my birth story.

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