So Long 2020!

To say that has been a year would be an understatement. I wonder how many other blogs and articles are starting with the same sentiment.

In any event, it’s hard to summarize the year of 2020 into one blog post. Looking back so much happened, on large and small scales.

The year started off hopeful but tragedy struck not long after, things took a turn. There were fires in Australian and the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and the others accompanying him.

By March, COVID-19 had spread around the world and we officially went into lockdown. Work and schools moved to being remote and only essential businesses were open. So much turmoil, so much unknown. Millions of people out of work and the nubmers of sick and dying COVID patients inceasing by the day.

I remember how it felt back in March…scared, uncertain, but hopeful that with quarantine, shutdowns, and social distancing, this would all be over in a few weeks. “See you in May,” many of us said to friends and family.

The spring came, and then summer. Fall and Winter moved right along and here we are. Heading into 2021 with cases still rising and deaths at an all-time high, especially in the U.S. While it all seems like a blur now, there are rays of hope: a vaccine (actually multiple) has been deployed and millions have already begun receiving them. While it will take time, it is still offering us some hope in this very uncertain time.

  • I look back at all we persevered through this year –
  • Working from home (sometimes without help or daycare)
  • Homeschooling kids
  • Spending birthdays and holidays away from friends and family
  • Canceling trips
  • Staying sane
  • Navigating physical and mental health

Through all of this, we relied on our friends and family to support us through and make good choices so we can all come out of this on the other side healthy and safe.

Looking back on the year, I mainly feel grateful. I’ve been able to not only maintain much of what I have, but also thrive in many ways.

Baby Ethan at the start of 2020
My happy baby
These two love bugs
Snow trip in Feb before lockdown…seems like so long ago!
Gabriel’s Birthday in March
Mom life in April
The July Birthday gang (and Gabriel)
Mr. One derful ❤ on his birthday
Trevor Noah at Halloween
Carving pumpkins
Black Panther at Halloween
10 Year Wedding Anniversary
Election history
Thanksgiving traditions (Gnocchi)
Family Pictures 2020
New member of the family – Ravi 😉
Christmas with a toddler

I’m so looking forward to 2021! I know I’m ready to face the challenges head up and to bask in the little things that make life sweet. Even when there is chaos around, there is so, so much to enjoy and appreciate. Happy New Year, fam!

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