Taking a Break

Happy 2021 everyone! This has been a long year already. And to be clear, it’s been 10 days. So, so many of us were looking forward to a fresh start…a clean slate after the scene that was 2020. But alas, it wasn’t to be. The electoral college took a turn when a bunch of Trump-supporting terrorist breached the U.S. Capitol during the proceedings and attempted a coup.

Needless to say, much like much of 2020 (especially the days following the election), I’m on edge. So I’ve already decided it’s time to take a social media break early this year.

I took a social media break mid-to-late 2020 after it became unhelpful and in some ways toxic.

I’ve used social media the past few days to vent my anger and frustration at how things when down on January 6th. Going through my stages of grief (anger always the most prominent), I’ve reached acceptance. That this is who we are in the U.S. A country at a polarizing divide with little help of overcoming our differences. I hate to be a downer but it is how I feel.

I’m tired of reading about how we need more peace and love. “If everyone would just be kind…” We’re so far beyond that. We need common sense, logic, order, decency, and respect for fellow man. How can I find peace and love with people who don’t think I deserve to live, much less thrive? People who fundamentally believe they are better than me and that I’m not even a person? Is unconscionable that I’m expected to “hear them out.” I’ve heard all I need to hear. That “all lives matter” and that I should go back to where I came from (ironic because I live in my home town), leave if I don’t like it (knowing full well this country was founded on the backs of my ancestors through slave labor), and I’m somehow less intelligent, less worthy, and less human.

No thank you. Not having anymore of it. And don’t get me started on the how conservatives are being silenced, first amendment rights are being taken away, cancel culture, voter fraud (but only for the candidates from the opposing party) and the rest of the nonsense. It’s all too much.

So, now that I need to take a break from the opinions, memes, jokes, and soapboxes. Mine included! It’s taking too much time an energy at a time in my life when I’m running low.

So, tonight, I’m deleting Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (rarely visit this one anyway) apps. I’ll be sticking to news only for the next week.

I feel like these digital resets do wonders for my time, boundaries, heart rate, mental health, and connection with things that matter. I won’t pretend it is super easy. I do find that I enjoy the idle scroll and the laughs I exchange with friends sharing silly things back and forth. But I also realize, that for now, this is temporary and I probably won’t miss that much over the next few days. And, if it is important, they can text me 🙂

Have you considered or taken a social media break?

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