Hey Pretty Mama

To all you lovely mamas out there that are still struggling with their self-esteem and post-baby bodies: give yourself a break. I read something the other day that put it all in prospective. It took you nine months to grow that baby and put on the weight. Give yourself just as much, if not more time, to take it off. You’re not hideous. You’re not gross. You’re not any of those other disparaging adjectives you say to yourself in your head, or even to others as a “joke.” You’re a giver of life. Embrace that! Rock your curves and wear your stretch marks, pudge, and possible c-section scar as badges of honor. There are lots of people who will never experience the miracle that is growing a person. Some don’t want to and some can’t. But that doesn’t make it any less miraculous. So if you immediately go back to your perfect pre-baby body after two days, cheers to you. And if it takes you two years of hard work and eating well just to get back to where you were, cheers to you too. Some of us are blessed with genetics and some of us are blessed with determination and drive, but all of us mums are blessed with beautiful human beings to show for it 🙂