So Long 2020!

To say that has been a year would be an understatement. I wonder how many other blogs and articles are starting with the same sentiment. In any event, it’s hard to summarize the year of 2020 into one blog post. … Continue reading


Per usual, I’ve been remiss in updating my blog with the goings-on in my life. I will say that things have been exciting for sure. Since today is Thanksgiving, in addition to reviewing what I’ve been up to, I’d also … Continue reading

FINALLY they Got Hitched!



HIGH POINT, NC — This past weekend two of the best people I know got hitched! I’m so happy for them and feel blessed to have been asked to share their most special day with them. Thank you to her wonderful family and friends for making me feel welcome. I have met so many awesome people and shared so many laughs. Congrats Elizabeth and Caleb! I hope you are enjoying your honeymoon, soaking up the rays and drinking on the beach. There are so many wonderful things ahead for the two of you and I hope to share many more memories with you in the future! ❤



Time Flies and Love Grows

Tomorrow is the four year wedding anniversary for my husband and me.  These past four years have made us stronger and wiser. We’ve dealt with death, birth, parenthood, hospitalization, and many more challenges that might overwhelm the average couple of our generation.

I think from the beginning dear husband (DH) and I have always understood that you have to work hard at marriage. Even though movies and television try to make it seem like it should be easy, we both know from our parents experiences that marriage takes not only work and commitment, it takes determination. Maybe it’s generational, or maybe it is just that fantasy belief that love and marriage should be easy, but I feel that many don’t value or want the hard work. I welcome it. I married someone different from me so that we could have a balance. Because I appreciate his uniqueness and individuality. Don’t get me wrong, I’m awesome. But I don’t need to spend the rest of my life with the male version of myself. Opposites don’t have to attract but for us, it works.

It has never been more evident than it is now that we are parents. Gabriel gets the best of all worlds. Logical and emotions. A working parent and a stay-at-home parent. Carefree and structured. We are able to offer a holistic style of parenting that helps him flourish and leaves him nurtured.

DH is my compliment. He’s the silly to my serious. He’s patient when I’m impatient. And I’m calm when he’s frazzled.

With all that’s happened, four years seems like a flash in the pan. But I have so many wonderful memories to look back on and to be thankful for. We’ve had a lot of good luck along the way to go with our hard work. We deserve the happiness that we get and so much more.

Thank you for four wonderful years of marriage, DH. Let’s keep this party going! xoxo ❤


October 17, 2010…our rainy day wedding. I guess it is good luck!


Our little family just a year ago

No End in Sight

I’m starting to worry that there is no end in sight for my husband and his illness. It’s been over a month and he has been out of the hospital for three whole days. He is now in a long-term care facility/hospital and it seems that hope is fading fast.

I know he wants to get better. But rehabilitation seems like such a long, arduous process. I’m no help to him. I can’t be there day in and day out. I have to work, take care of our son, be a student, stay focused on our life out here, etc. But how do I balance the two needs. I know that he needs me to be strong, but I also know that he needs me to be there for him. I just wish I could do all of it.

Our son turned 11 months yesterday. He’s getting so big so fast. I don’t want my husband to miss a minute of it. And I don’t want to miss more than I have to. I want the slow pace of our life back. My husband at home with our son and us having lazy weekends where we never get out of our pjs.

We have one collective goal now: home in time for Gabe’s first birthday. I feel like that is all we can shoot for. Does anyone else care about our goal? Do the doctors and nurses think it matters? I’m sure if it were up to them they would just let this drag on. But we have a life we want to get back to. I miss the way we were….

A Note to My Husband

I know that things seem impossible right now. It seems like it will be forever until we have our life back to the way it was. But I know that somehow, once this is all over, we will be rewarded for our strength and perseverance, not just with the bonds we form together, but with something amazing, befitting the end of our struggle. Of all three of us, you deserve it the most.