The Exchanges with Little G

Me: “G, pick out a book to read.”

G: “Hmmmm….let’s see…” [hand on chin]

Me: [Puzzled look…mind you, he’s 2.5! Who is this tiny person?!?]


Working Mama Guilt

I’m sure many other working mamas feel the same guilt that I do. We don’t get to be here each day to experience each and every precious moment with our little ones. While I don’t feel like I’ve missed anything major, I’m sure it’s bound to happen or that I will start to feel it more as he gets older and starts doing more. Right now we are working on sitting up and I’m glad I got to be here when he sat up on his own. And then pretty much rolled over for the first time the next minute! Too bad my hubby missed it 😛 I’ll take what I can get! Continue reading