Late Announcement

So it’s been a while! Buckle up, this is going to be a long one! Looking back, I realize that I haven’t posted since right before I found out I was pregnant W found out November 26, 2018 to be … Continue reading

Off-Topic: The Cat’s Meow

My poor cats. They are seriously neglected right now. I know it comes with the territory of having a newborn baby but I feel bad for them. They wake up to the sound of a screaming baby and try to sleep through it. I see Hazel look at him with such disdain sometimes but all I can do is feel bad for her. She feels cheated and pushed aside. They want to sleep in our room at night and I used to not feel bad about keeping them out because we were with them so much during the day.Now because our days and night are consumed by the baby, I feel worse. I know if we let them in they would just play and bother us while we sleep; we’ve tried this numerous times in the past. But the guilt is getting to me. They tolerate the baby but I wonder if that tolerance will run out? They smell him and accept his noisy existence but are they plotting against him, waiting for us to leave him unattended so they can strike? I really hope that as Gabriel gets older they all embrace each other. Really, I need them to. I miss my cats and I’m sure they miss the simpler time when they were the center of our attention.

Things I Learned on Maternity Leave

~ I love the morning news. It makes me feel like an adult still connected to the world. The Today Show ftw!

~ I miss the show Scrubs. A lot.

~ It’s ok to spend all day in crappy clothes/pajamas. They will most likely be covered in drool, breast milk, formula, poop, and pee; some combination of some or all of the above.

~ Sleep is your most precious commodity, and you will barter with it like your like depends on it.

~ You need reminders for everything.

~ Sleep when your baby sleeps is a wonderful idea if you never want to get anything done. Sleep when your partner is watching your little one. It’s the most restful sleep you can get if you trust them 😉

~ Cherish every single second. Each day is the only time in their lives they will be that little 🙂

I love my son more than anything but SAH motherhood is not for me. These last few days I’ve started to go stir crazy. I need the routine of a job, combined with he unexpected occurrences of the workday. This transition will be tough, and I’ll miss my boys terribly, but I know that my husband will be a wonderful SAHD 🙂