So Long 2020!

To say that has been a year would be an understatement. I wonder how many other blogs and articles are starting with the same sentiment. In any event, it’s hard to summarize the year of 2020 into one blog post. … Continue reading

Blogmas! We Did It!

We survived our first year with the Elf on a Shelf. To be honest, I know my husband and I had more fun than we wouldn’t have thought. And, mo’s importantly, this brought a little holiday magic and cheer to my oldest. Surviving 8.5 months of a pandemic like a champ? I’d give him almost anything he asks for!

So, here our grand finale!

Clyde and The Avengers defeat Thanos in and epic snow ball fight!

Let Me Explain…

Meet Clyde

So we got an Elf on the Shelf this weekend….but let me explain!

I’ve wanted to avoid this thing like the plague from the beginning. Such an odd tradition that I’ve always rolled my eyes at…then 2020 happened.

My oldest is eight and will be nine in March. He actually asked us about Santa last year and we told him the truth. He seemed okay with it, so no big deal right? We also made sure to tell him not to spoil it for other kids.

This pandemic has been rough for him. One day he’s in school and the next day it’s gone. March seems like a lifetime ago at this point. No teachers, no friends; it all just vanished one day. We definitely had our struggles in the beginning, especially with remote learning. His school did their best given the circumstances, but finishing out spring was turbulent to say the least.

Summer was a huge let down because plans were cancelled (birthday trip to Disneyland off the table) and not much to do but sit around while mom and dad work.

Remote school in fall has had its hiccups but overall, he’s been a champ. Getting his work done, reading, following instructions, staying motivated, organized, and staying positive. I think his school balances synchronous and asynchronous learning well and I can see the differences from Spring. They’ve made a lot of positive changes.

We’ve made time and space for socially distance playdates and lots of FaceTime with friends. Grandparents have been a life saver. My mom and dad are both retired and it has been such a blessing to have their support. Two people to give him dedicated attention while we work!

Lately he’s been asking if it is okay to still believe in Santa, even though he knows the truth. And then this past week, he asked for the Elf on the Shelf! No one was more shocked than I was.

While we all know the truth, how could I deny him this last bit of childhood wonder? We read the book, picked a name, and now he rushes to see where Clyde will be each morning. Such a small gift during a really hard year: something to look forward to in the morning.

Added bonus? He plays by the rules. Since Clyde will be reporting to Santa about who’s naughty and who’s nice, we’re benefiting from the perceived oversight. I’m going to take advantage by using Clyde’s reporting as incentive to help purge old toys and donate them to other kids that don’t have as many toys. Also, mom and dad could use some oversight for our language, according to Gabriel. Cheaper than a swear jar, I suppose.

I feel like parenting as a journey will take you to places you promised you’d never go: “my kid will never eat junk, will never watch screens, will never talk back, will never throw a tantrum in public, will never [insert your own nonsense here]” It’s all an illusion. You don’t know what it will be until you’re in the trenches, even then, some days you win (all veggies and cooperation) and some days you lose (hot dogs and 5+ hours of screens).

This year has taught me two things (at least two things that are relevant to this post, but I assure you much more): that it is okay to love what you love and indulge in “guilty” pleasures (are they really even guilty if the harm no one?!) and a lot of rules go out the window when you’re trying to survive a pandemic. You do your best. You make smart choices for you and your family (and think of others when you’re trying to be safe). Sometimes staying up late, eating junk food, doing nothing, and most of all, releasing the notion of the “ideal” is necessary for not just your sanity but your survival.

So, everyone, meet Clyde, the newest member of the family! Next adventure? Keeping up with moving this dang thing every night for 30 days!


Per usual, I’ve been remiss in updating my blog with the goings-on in my life. I will say that things have been exciting for sure. Since today is Thanksgiving, in addition to reviewing what I’ve been up to, I’d also … Continue reading

Back in Cali

I’m finally back on the left coast and starting to get back to normal after traveling through time for the past week. I was in North Carolina just long enough to get used to the time difference and then head back. Even my much-needed day in between yesterday couldn’t get me caught up on all of the sleep.

Unfortunately, I did not get the chance to blog from the road (maybe next time) but I did get to have lots of wonderful times with old friends and new. I got to shower one of my best girls with love and celebrate her upcoming wedding. I also got to drink lots of wine. I’ve missed that.

It felt strange not having a toddler climbing all over me or needing something. It was strange not parenting. Dog life was a change as well. I forget how much attention they want and need. But just like the cats, at the end of the day, they just want to snuggle up with you.

I stayed up late, ate badly, and swore like a sailor. Very, very good times.

So glad to be home to my little family in our little world though. I’ll get back into this parenting grind. Patience is a virtue I only have for my child but apparently, I can get rusty at that too. He’s picked up a lot of new attitude since I’ve been gone. So back to work I go, trying to make a decent human being out of him.

In the meantime, please enjoy a few snapshots of my journey away.




One of our wine nights


Being silly with Nikki P.



The bride-to-be and me at the bachelorette party


Loki was my road dog the entire trip

Here Comes 31!


Does it count as a “no make up selfie” if that’s the norm for me??


If 30 doesn’t make you officially old, 31 has to, right?!

Another year in the books and I am pleased to say that 30 wasn’t that bad. Good job, got into grad school, and we didn’t move to a new place, so that’s a bonus. I’ve reconnected with old friends and made some new ones.

I look back on the things I’ve learned and how I’ve grown. Patience, understanding different viewpoints, maturity, power, and self-awareness. Things are areas that I have improved upon, and will continue to work on everyday.

I am lucky to have my husband with me through everything. He is strong, yet sensitive. Most importantly, he’s my partner. We really do complement each other well.

As with so much of the joy in my life these days, I owe so many smiles to my son. For a little over two years, he has really shown me what life is all about.  Growing a person, raising a person, being someone’s rock, their strength, their world…nothing else compares to that. As long as I get to keep doing this mommy thing, I know I’ll be alright with getting older.

10 Types Of Moms That Suck

I’ve missed you all dearly. But more importantly, I have stumbled upon a hilarious blog post that I couldn’t stop laughing at and had to share. Reading this reminded me of so many internal battles I fight with myself and feeling “less than” when it comes to other moms. The problem is everyone tries to be super mom when friends and family are around. At home, when no one is watching, your kids eat junk, you laugh at their swearing, and put them down for a nap early so that you can keep from killing them. It’s okay, mama, I know the struggle too. Just do what is best for you and yours. ❤